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Residential and Commercial Lawn Services for Greater Tallahasee

Lawn Maintenance:

A well-manicured lawn, increases property value and home marketability. Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weed populations, better moisture stress tolerance and generally better quality than lawns not properly mowed.


Why Fertilize? We fertilize to improve color, density, texture, and uniformity. It also means a better resistance to weeds, insects, disease, drought, cold, and wear. 
tallahassee lawncare and landscape
Good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a
house and cut its time on the market 10% to 15%.

Mulching & Pine straw:
High quality mulch makes ornamental plants and flowers “pop” – colors simply leap out from your landscape, drawing the viewer’s eye to the best features of your property. Properly edged and mulched planting areas also add that well-groomed, professional touch to any yard. Mulching can also provide health benefits such as: reducing weed growth and plant insulation.

Tree Pruning
Pruning is very crucial to the health of a tree. For healthier looking trees, remove diseased, broken, weak or dead branches. Pruning can increase the form and beauty of your trees by enhancing the structure of limbs and canopy.

Tallahassee lawn care and landscape

More Services
Weed Eating
Mulching & Pine straw
Leaf Removal
Tree Pruning
Debris Removal
Spring Cleanup
Fall Cleanup
Pressure Washing

Tallahassee lawn care and landscape

Tallahassee lawn care and landscape Tallahassee lawn care and landscape

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